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Constant Voltage LED Drivers

B+L Technologies offers the X-Series LED Drivers. These are line dimmable electronic LED drivers for use with LED light sources. We have products for 120VAC, 240VAC and 277VAC input and AC or DC constant voltage applications.


Brochure for X-Series Dimmable LED drivers

Recommended compatible MR16 LED lamps and dimmer list for X-Series

Recommended dimmer list for X-series with DC Lightstrip

MR16 LED compatibility chart

Links to useful videos

Dimming LED Light strips with our EX95121 DC LED Driver

Dimming MR16 LEDs with FX95100 using line dimmers

Dimming MR16 LEDs with FX95100 using Grafik Eye

GX95101 dimming 26 Brilliance MR11 LED bulbs